Efficio provides multiple levels of support for all of our solutions so that all your needs or questions are handled in the fastest and most effective manner possible.


Toll-Free Support

Whether you have questions about using one of the many Efficio tools or just need a quick walk through or review you can call our toll free number at 877-EFFICIO (333-4246) for quick answers and help on the spot. Our experienced technical support staff will be ready to provide you with solutions and answers so you can continue to focus on your work and get on with your day.


Email Feedback System

Just want to shoot a quick email with a question or a suggestion? Efficio’s feedback system is monitored by our technical support staff and team of developers, who will quickly respond to your questions and suggestions, making sure you’ve got what you need now and in the future.


Help System Online

Our robust Help System is integrated throughout the Efficio application and offers page-specific help for easy and contextually sensitive assistance. Simple instructions and tips for every section of the system are available in addition to FAQ’s and links to other related parts of Efficio. This is a perfect way for users to quickly help themselves 24/7.