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March 2019 Update

With this release, we introduce the new Efficio branding, a fresh look throughout the application, and an all-new Saved Views.

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The Efficio Platform

With everything that we do, we help you get the most out of your media sales organization. We get media. Our products are focused, easy to use, and constantly evolving with the industry. We are Efficio, the leading CRM and Yield solution for Media Sales Teams.


Our CRM was built to help sales teams spend more time selling and less time searching for intelligence.  Efficio will help create a more efficient and effective team.

Yield Management

Efficio Yield Management is designed to help sales teams maximize their inventory, identify demand challenges, and improve transparency throughout the sales team.

Corporate Rollup

For executive leadership, Efficio offers better visibility of the information that drives your organization. This can include cross-market platform reporting and analytics.

A CRM that works for Media Sales

The Efficio CRM will help you and your team quickly find your client and station information. At the click of a button, view everything from Contacts, Production Requests, Sales Activity, Agencies, Traffic Billing, Aging, Miller Kaplan, Avails, Proposals, Pending Dollars, Peer AEs, and much more. Efficio integrates with over 20 industry providers and we continue to grow!

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