6 09, 2017

A New Page For Efficio

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For those of you that don’t know me, let me introduce myself, my name is Justin Locke. I helped co-found ShareBuilders along with the rest of my family (Don, Linda, and Austin Locke). We started as just a fledgling company working out of our home basements 16 years ago, and have grown to be the largest provider of yield management tools in the media industry. At ShareBuilders I wore many hats, but chiefly in the domain of helping clients implement pricing systems. While at ShareBuilder I went to school in the evening and received an MBA from the University of Chicago. After business school, I spent several years as a Management Consultant at IBM where I executed business strategy and analytics project. As ShareBuilders began discussions of acquiring Efficio, I found myself excited about the prospect of returning to help write a new chapter. So I returned and took on a role helping to integrate Efficio into the ShareBuilder organization with the end goal of delivering more value for clients.

21 04, 2017

Separation – More Than the Box that the Copy Paper Came In

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In media sales, things don’t always work out. Not every job is the best match to a person’s talents. So sometimes, parting ways is best. Whether it be initiated by the employee (there is a better opportunity across the street or across the country), or by the station (“Sometimes these conversations can be difficult…”), once [...]

6 03, 2017

Update March 6th, 2017

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Thanks for using Efficio! To make our app better for you, we bring updates to Efficio on a weekly basis. Every update to Efficio includes improvements for reliability and consistency. As new features become available, we'll highlight those for you here and in the app. There is nothing for you to do to receive these changes, simply login. [...]

28 12, 2016

Efficio Solutions Announces New Focus on Customer Success

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News Release Efficio Solutions Announces New Focus on Customer Success (December 28, 2016) As of January 1, 2017, Efficio Solutions will have a team of media sales professionals designated to assist customers in achieving sales success. “Our team has evolved to become more than simply servicing our customers,” says Efficio Co-President David Einstein. “ Efficio [...]

7 12, 2016

Fa La La La What the He**?

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Mistakes. Fingers pointed. People aren’t where they say they are going to be. Your boss and your boss’s boss is scrutinizing things they never have before, raising questions that leave you saying, “ Huh?” or “You are slowing me down! Just let me work!” Everyone seems a bit snappish and everyone is in a rush. [...]

4 11, 2016

What Happened To Us?

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Mistrust. Harsh words. Name calling. Heavy sarcasm at someone’s expense. Posturing and positioning. Deceit. Friends who are no longer friends. Lies. Don’t want to hear anymore about it and tired of it all! All of those apply to our upcoming election. But I am seeing more and more that these words apply to us – [...]

14 09, 2016

Efficio At the RAB 2016

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During the last 15 years, the role of the sales team inside a broadcast operation has changed significantly. Reality is most sellers and managers face growing budget expectations, flat, low, or negative market growth, fewer resources, and a challenging economy and/or ratings picture. Combined together all of these factors make delivering on expectations stressful and leave people [...]