Yield Management

Tools designed to simply get more out of your inventory. 

Better Intelligence. Better Decisions.

Yield data that would take hours to find and assemble is now accessible in clicks. Pacing to last year final, this time last year, budget, goal, and reforecast. Inventory Pacing inventory to this time last year based on AUR, AMR, and % Sellout.. Finally you will have access to view how current proposals affect your Inventory and pricing model.

Prevent Inventory Problems

Basic demand patterns are easy to manage, but what happens when a new demand spikes or if you are pacing behind? Efficio’s Demand Tracker can help you easily identify demand and do something before it’s too late. If you aren’t ready to take action, add it to your Hot List to monitor closely.

Respond Quickly to Demand Changes

As orders come in, Efficio will dynamically adjust the rates based on the parameters you outline as a manager. You still have the flexibility to drill down into a single daypart on any given day to tweak the demand parameters. Your reps will see any rate changes immediately.

Better Inventory Reporting Than Traffic

Sure you can get inventory data from the traffic system, but those reports are technical, designed for Traffic Managers, and typically takes several reports to get what you need. Efficio simplifies your data providing a quick, easy-to-read summary of your inventory combined with rates.

Reps Always Have a Current Rate Card

Reps are used to Rates Cards in Excel/Word, however, they may be out of date before they even get emailed out. With Efficio, reps can pull current rates based on current inventory anytime, anywhere, so there is no need to wait until next week’s rate card. The second you change the rates, it’s immediately available to your sales reps.

You Still Have Control Of Your Rates

Some Yield systems tell you how to price. The challenge is they don’t respond immediately to in-week orders and are not able to respond like you can to other market impacts such as rating releases. Efficio provides the tools to help you make those quick decisions or you can set demand parameters and Efficio will automatically respond for you.

Better Pacing Intelligence

Yield management is heavily influenced by pacing. Efficio offers advanced tools to view historical pacing compared to This Time Last Year and Last Year Final. Efficio also provides future pacing analysis to your weekly sales targets.

View Impact of Current Proposals

Proposals can tell us a wealth of information. Until now, they’ve been on an isolated data island, holding everyone back from better intelligence. Efficio can show the impacts of your proposals on your inventory.

Access Your Data Outside the Office

From Apple to Google to Microsoft, Efficio is accessible through all major web browsers on any desktop or laptop. Efficio is accessible on mobile devices such as iPads, iPhones and Android devices.

Less Time Learning

It’s so easy your [fill in the blank here] can do it. Usability is the core focus. everything is responsive to client feedback to make it intuitive and easy to use.

Traffic Sync by Efficio

Traffic Sync allows a seamless integration of traffic information into Efficio. The two systems sync data throughout the day, making the operation much more efficient. Customers wanting to take advantage of Traffic sync need only to contact their Efficio sales representatives.

Yield Management Features

These are just some of the Yield features we have to offer.

Cloud Based


Dynamic Rate Cards


Daily Inventory Analysis


Weekly Inventory Analysis


Monthly Inventory Analysis


Demand Tracker


Pacing to This Time Last Year


Last Year Final


Budget Impacts


Sellout Trend


Save Cards with Accounts


Demand Based Pricing


Pending Inventory


AMR Analysis


AUR Analysis

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