Take “Hang On or Hang Up? A 10-Question Quiz to Help Those in Media Sales Determine if an Account is Worth Pursuing”

Sometimes it's best to get rid of it.

Sometimes it’s just best to get rid of it! Infantryman in training at Fort Belvoir, Virginia, poised to throw a hand grenade, 1942. Alfred T. Palmer, photographer. Library of Congress.

Media salespeople are known for not wanting to let go of accounts – someday they might, somehow, turn it into money. But, with more media sales organizations using CRM tools to prioritize and limit the number of accounts a seller may work, how can you figure out if an account is worth keeping, or if it is one that would be better suited on the open list?

Fill out the form below to use this quiz, developed by former Radio Ink Sales Manager of the Year Kitty Malone,  to help you determine whether to hang on or hang up, and more importantly, why.