Efficio 5.0

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All-new design.

With Efficio 5.0 we are bringing our users a completely new and improved user experience. As we re-imagined Efficio based on actual client feedback and requests, our purpose was to create an experience that was simple and intuitive with more and easier ways to make money. Its called Efficio 5.0. While redesigning the user experience to focus on our user’s needs, it led us to redesign the way it looks and feels to the our clients as well. We know our users will engage more intuitively and get much more out of the new Efficio.

Existing features. Reimagined.

Efficio 5.0 has a new and streamlined navigation that has been integrated across the entire system, bringing greater clarity and efficiency to existing tools and features. Efficio 5.0 focuses on simplicity and ease of use, bright-lighting data that matters most – organizing our users information so they can use it when and how they need it.

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All-new features.

User’s can now keep an eye on what they feel is important with the all new Hot List. Stay connected with Efficio outside of the office with our new seamless calendar integration, email activities, alerts and mobile solutions. Headlines will keep you informed on what’s going on with your Account Executives, accounts and any major changes in your system. Traffic Sync keeps your traffic system and Efficio in sync all day. These are just a few new features available in Efficio 5.0.

Your accounts. Wherever you are.

We know media people are always on the go and use a wide variety of mobile devices and software in many different ways. With Efficio 5.0, we took an advanced approach to integration so whether using Outlook, Gmail, iOS or Adroid, Efficio 5.0 has you covered seamlessly wherever you are.



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Hot List

Keep an eye on what you feel is important with a quick summary on your home page.
Hot List allows you to follow Account Executives, Stations, Account Categories, Product Categories and much more.


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Efficio Mobile.

We know our users have a wide variety of devices, software and habits. With the new Efficio we took an improved approach to integrating into how, and where, you work. Outlook, Gmail, iOS or Android, Efficio 5.0 has you covered.


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Efficio 5 Mobile



At a glance, see where your receivables are Aging. Click any of the numbers to drill down to make calls and collect.


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