Corporate Rollup

Bring all of your media markets into one simplified dashboard

Find your information faster

Efficio CRM can help you quickly find your client and station information. At the click of a button view everything from Contacts, Production Requests, Sales Activity, Agencies, Traffic Billing, Aging, Miller Kaplan, Avails, Proposals, Pending Dollars, Peer AEs, and much more.  Efficio integrates with over 20 industry providers strong and growing.

Anywhere with an internet connection

From Apple to Google to Microsoft, Efficio is accessible through all major web browsers on any desktop or laptop. Of course Efficio is also accessible on mobile devices with many current users on iPads, iPhones, Android devices, and many more.

Get help from industry experts

We get media sales people because we are media sales people.  Our Sales and Support team have a combination of 90+ yrs of media selling experience.  Taking all this knowledge combined with feedback from 30k+ users over 15 years,  Efficio is designed and proven for media sales.  Our team will help you identify which tools are the best fit your organization to have you up and running in no time.  Sure, we can add a million dashboards and reports like some of the big box crm’s that sell on features, but we understand that you don’t have time to go through them all nor should you.

Better Intelligence. Better Decisions.

We are breaking down the walls that are isolating your data and holding you back from making better decisions. Data that would take hours to find and assemble is now accessible in clicks.  Pacing to last year final, this time last year, budget, goal, and reforecast. Inventory Pacing inventory to this time last year based on AUR, AMR, and % Sellout..  Contract ending soon alerts.  Pending Inventory analysis. Cross-station credit warnings.

Better cross-market visibility

Efficio give you immediate access across all your  enterprise media outlets regardless of your traffic system or media type.  Quickly view account spending, product categories, budget pacing, and pending across all markets to identify trends.

Quickly drill down into any market

High level visibility doesn’t help much if you can’t drill down into the details. Efficio gives you full drill down from corporate to market to ae for complete transparency.

No more waiting for performance reports

Waiting for weekly or month end market performance isn’t enough. Efficio is updated daily letting you capture the latest demand changes and make decisions sooner rather than later.

Identify industry trends

With cross market reporting you can easily identify trends such as product category movement or key account spending patterns

Corporate Rollup Features

These are just some of the CRM features we have to offer.

  • Cloud Based
  • Market station and ae  drill down
  • Pending dollar analysis

  • Product category analysis
  • Cross platform support
  • Cross traffic system support

  • Corporate aggregation
  • All industry traffic system support

One piece of the BIGGER picture

While we do lump most of what we do into CRM, Efficio does offer more products that seamless integrate into one sales management solution to help you get even more out of your media sales organization. Learn more here.

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