You can help direct our roadmap.

Thank you for your interest in making Efficio better.  We truly value your participation. Below you will find projects we recently completed, projects we are working on, and some new ideas for the future. Let us know what you think.

Step 1

Review the customer advisory board basics


What is the mission of the advisory board?

To ensure that Efficio is working on product enhancements that generate the highest return for our customers. We strive to be customer centric, and that means doing the things that matter most to you.

Will these be in person or over phones?

Initially we are planning on using email. Later, we will plan on short 30-45 minute conference calls. Additionally, once a year we may consider meeting in person in conjunction with an industry convention.

How often will the advisory board meet?

We are planning for once a quarter, however this may be adjusted in the future based on our developer bandwidth and the number of committed projects we have in our pipeline.


How long will these meetings take?

30-45 min meetings

Step 2

We want to share what we are currently working on


Efficio Version 6

We redesigned Efficio to make better use of todays devices that are wider and better quality. Efficio is now full screen, giving you the ability to see more of your data at once. The new navigation and page layouts make Efficio even easier to use.

  • Fullscreen support to let users take advanatage of their wider screens.
  • Sticky navigation reduces scrolling and provides easier navigation
  • More consistent interface throughout Efficio.

Auto Closing Pending

Efficio now automatically closes pending with no current months and matches pending up with new orders that come in. 


  • Auto close pending with no current months
  • Auto close pending for new orders.
Q4 2017

Account Goals by Budget Category

Many stations want to look at goals for each account for planning purposes, and Efficio has a worksheet for this.  However, we can only do one overall number.  This development allows for a goad for each budget category, ie, a Spot Goal, an NTR goal, a digital goal for each account. 


  • Ability to enter account goals by budget category and station.
  • New account summary goal, last year, this year and pending graph
  • New Page in Efficio

Corporate Rollup Yield Summary

For those at the Corporate level, you may want to see key inventory data metrics across the entire corporation easily.   This is currently not available with some traffic systems. 


  • See key inventory data such as units sold, average rate, % sellout, by daypart across entire corporation

Efficio Mobile 6

Now Mobile Efficio is just as powerful as Desktop Efficio, because they are one and the same.  Once we are 100% we will communicate with you through chat and email to be sure all users are aware.   


  • All of Efficio in your pocket
  • Same experience on the mobile as on the desktop
  • Generate and download reports
  • Upload files and pictures to account files
Q1 2018

Improved Activity Sync

The early versions of Activity Sync supported limited use cases. We are working to improve on the reliability of Activity Sync and make things more seamless.  

  • Auto link to contacts already in Efficio
  • Remembering previously synced and skipped contacts in Efficio. 
Q2 2018

Nielsen Integration

Save time by importing contacts From Efficio and automatically create pending from Tapscan.  Managers can monitor (and approve) proposals against rate card and proposed inventory.


  • Populate Efficio Rates In Nielsen
  • Populate Accounts & Contacts in Nielsen
  • Create Pending from Proposals
  • Manager Rate Alerts and Grading
  • Proposed Inventory in Efficio

Finally, Tell Us What You Want

Tell us how important each of the projects are to you

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  • Problem: AEs spend a lot of time planning their day in email programs like Outlook (e.g. meetings, customer communications, tracking contacts). Ideally, all this info would reside in Efficio. Presently some of this info makes it into Efficio (by AEs ccing emails or meetings to an Efficio email). However, this requires an extra step by AEs and may not be widely adopted.

    Solution: Create a back-end solution where business activity in Outlook is automatically synced into Efficio. Requires no extra email address to be added by AEs, (after an initial setup).

    Benefit: Better data quality (especially of activities and contacts). Less work for AEs.
  • Problem: Efficio has many reports that are commonly used across many organization. However, many organizations have unique needs or want to look at their data in very specific ways.

    Solution: New reporting engine in Efficio. Allow users to create their own reports as well as save and share report templates

    Benefit: Improved Management and Executive oversight. Reports that match each organizations internal operations.
  • Problem: Managers typically have weekly 1on1 meetings with AEs. To structure the meetings, some use the Efficio Home Page or other pages (like the AE Scorecard) for talking points. While these tools work great for some managers other prefer additional or alternative metrics. Also, some managers prefer a report they can email or print.

    Solution: Generate a simple PDFs that is mailed to managers and AEs at regular intervals. Allow for additional AE metrics possibly customized to the needs of each organization.

    Benefit: Improved 1on1s (in both time and effectiveness).
  • Problem: Proper pricing of inventory is a critical function in media organizations. While Efficio’s existing Yield works great, Efficio should continue to invest in Yield Management tools by either making the tool easier to use or adding features to explore pricing opportunities.

    Solution: Many potential solutions. A few alternatives include: a) provide an algorithm that project sellout levels 52 weeks in advance. b) adopt techniques used in ShareBuilders yield management system, including forecasting of demand and varying of price based on seasonal demand.

    Benefit: Increased revenue via improved pricing strategies.
  • Problem: Managers and Executive need to predict their future cashflow, which requires having a good pending forecast. Some AEs are optimists and over forecast, others are more conservative and under forecast. This variation in behavior makes for difficult forecasting.

    Solution: Provide a “Forecast Accuracy” score at the end of the month (or some other interval). This helps AEs become more aware of their biases, so they can self-correct. It also helps managers understand and interpret the their pending data from AEs so they can adjust their forecasts based AEs prior tendencies.

    Benefit: Improved forecast accuracy.
  • Problem: Sometime a second pair of eyes, or an unbiased perspective is exactly what a manager needs.

    Solution: For a reasonable fee, our experienced Customer Success Managers can provide a deeper more consultative level of service with managers. We can meet weekly or monthly and answer questions about AE performance. We can play “therapist” to managers and be a second set of eyes for executive leadership.

    Benefit: Improved manager decision making
  • Problem: Sometimes, “less is more”, and the information displayed in Efficio is over-whelming or distracting.

    Solution: Simplify the experience by introducing easier processes and hiding modules that you and your team are not using in Efficio.

    Benefit: Improved usability. Productivity improvement by focusing on what’s important.
  • Problem: Users have tons of usernames and passwords to remember. Efficio adds to the list

    Solution: Efficio leverage the corporate user-name and passwords given to employees

    Benefit: Improved productivity for all users (1 less password to remember). Improved data security (changes at corporate level will flow through to Efficio).
  • Problem: Managers may need advice on pricing their station.

    Solution: For a reasonable fee, our experienced Customer Success Managers can provide a deeper more consultative advice on pricing. Meetings can be either adhoc or on a regular basis to answer question like, “What should my minimum rate be this week?” or “How should I adjust my demand curve for various weeks”

    Benefit: Improved pricing decisions
  • Problem: With so many demands on AEs and Managers we should aim to automated sales activities wherever possible. Additionally, reminding AEs on mission critical tasks will ensure things don’t “slip through the cracks”.

    Solution: Efficio can provide a software robot (aka bot) that helps make AEs more productive. This could include an “Efficio Bot” to help reduce mundane tasks in Efficio. Examples include: populating contact information from an email, or pre-populating an email with a follow-up template. Additionally, Efficio can make sure mission critical steps aren’t ignored by providing reminders, like following up on a piece of stalled pending.

    Benefit: Improved AE productivity