Read “Animal Farm – How to Manage Your Media Sales Zoo”

media sales menagerie

Perhaps you have a jackalope on your media sales team, who is as sweet and vulnerable as a rabbit, but who can run like the wind after a goal, like an antelope!

If you have been in media sales in more than one location in the course of your career, you have probably noticed that there are similarities from one place to the next. You can practically count on having your big biller, your disenchanted veteran, and your zealous newbie.

Kitty Malone, former Radio Ink Sales Manager of the Year, noticed that her sales animals often had behavioral characteristics of, well, animals! Once she understood their dominant behaviors and motivating factors, she found that she was able to better manage her stable of sellers.

Read this fascinating e-book, in which Kitty shares her insights into how a media sales manager can nourish and motivate their media sales menagerie through appreciating and recognizing each “animal’s”:

  • Personal Qualities
  • Strengths and Non-strengths
  • How to Get the Most Out of Them

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