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how to ask those hard questions in media sales

It’s always a good idea to explain everything up front.
Farm Security Administration dentist reassures migrant child who is making her first visit to a dentist. FSA dental trailer at the FSA camp for farm workers. Caldwell, Idaho, 1941. Russell Lee, photographer.Library of Congress.

Ask yourself a hard question – are you asking your prospects probing questions in order to get information that will help you come up with a solid marketing plan for them, or are you letting them off easy with answers like: We need more customers on weekdays; We are better than our competitors because we have been in business since 1954; We have better customer service; Our target customer is anyone with money.

It’s important to ask your clients hard questions. It positions you as a marketer and partner, and you will come up with a better solution for your client. It all sounds easy, but we know from experience in media sales that it isn’t.

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E-book Chapters:

  • Introduction: Asking Difficult Questions and Requiring Thoughtful Answers
  • Five Reasons to Ask More In-depth — and Sometimes Downright Uncomfortable — Questions
  • 5 Ways to Ask Those Hard Questions
  • Good Questions That Will Get Good Information