Read “I’ve Got an Idea! A Calendar of Holidays for Media Sellers”

calendar for media sellers

July is National Ice Cream Month! Do you have any ice cream shops, diners, or restaurants on your list? 
Soda jerker flipping ice cream into malted milk shakes, Corpus Christi, Texas, 1939. Russell Lee, photographer. Library of Congress.

You need something great to dangle in front of a prospect to get an appointment. You need some new prospects and have canvassed the strip malls already. You need a great copy idea for a spec spot or a great promotional idea to get your client re-energized.

You need an idea.

This calendar can provide you with answers; you just need a dash of creativity!

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  • that will spark your creativity for ideas you can take to new prospects
  • you can use to upsell current clients
  • you can use to create events
  • that will help you come up with great copy ideas

The list includes month-long holidays, week-long holidays, and special days. Not every holiday is included in this list, but you’ll find a good sampling designed for media sales.