Media Sales CRM

25% of CRMs fail in the first year. Efficio has more than a 90% retention rate.

Find your information faster

Efficio CRM can help you quickly find your client and station information. At the click of a button view everything from Contacts, Production Requests, Sales Activity, Agencies, Traffic Billing, Aging, Miller Kaplan, Avails, Proposals, Pending Dollars, Peer AEs, and much more.  Efficio integrates with over 20 industry providers strong and growing.

Anywhere with an internet connection

From Apple to Google to Microsoft, Efficio is accessible through all major web browsers on any desktop or laptop. Of course Efficio is also accessible on mobile devices with many current users on iPads, iPhones, Android devices, and many more.

Get help from industry experts

We get media sales people because we are media sales people.  Our Sales and Support team have a combination of 90+ yrs of media selling experience.  Taking all this knowledge combined with feedback from 30k+ users over 15 years,  Efficio is designed and proven for media sales.  Our team will help you identify which tools are the best fit your organization to have you up and running in no time.  Sure, we can add a million dashboards and reports like some of the big box crm’s that sell on features, but we understand that you don’t have time to go through them all nor should you.

Better Intelligence. Better Decisions.

We are breaking down the walls that are isolating your data and holding you back from making better decisions. Data that would take hours to find and assemble is now accessible in clicks.  Pacing to last year final, this time last year, budget, goal, and reforecast. Inventory Pacing inventory to this time last year based on AUR, AMR, and % Sellout..  Contract ending soon alerts.  Pending Inventory analysis. Cross-station credit warnings.

Improve Sales Team Focus

Efficio offers robust strategic account management tools to help prioritize and create focus.  Reps can only handle so many accounts effectively. We also support and well educated on CSS and Creative Resources sales strategies.

More Complete Account Picture

Just viewing basic CRM data isn’t enough any more.  Efficio CRM brings all your related Account data to the surface. Viewing a single account grants you a full picture including contacts, activities, agencies, locations, historical Avails, monthly billing, accounts receivable, peer AEs for combining, timeline information.

Get the Answers you Need

We’ve spent 15 years learning from media sales experts like yourself.  We’ve also sold for a combined 150 years. We get media and can support and your team team on how to make Efficio work for YOU!

Better Account Hand Off between Reps

Everything tied to an account goes to the new rep. One rep not getting it done, transfer all the knowledge providing full transparency to the entire account profile. Traffic only shows you what what an individual rep billed, not what the AE’s current account list billed.

Easier One-on-One’s with our Reps

One-on-one’s just got a whole lot easier.  Efficio creates transparency between managers and AEs.  The AEs know what to expect, and the manager has the tools to inspect..

Less time learning

It’s so easy your [fill  in the blank here] can do it. Usability is the core focus. everything is responsive to client feedback to make it intuitive and easy to use.

Prevent Rep Overlap

With Efficio there is no overlap.  You either own it or you don’t. There is no debate. Each request is time stamp to eliminate this headache.

Forecast and Goal Management Made Easy

Reps putting in consistent data, goal transparency, levels, rollup, etc

Traffic Sync by Efficio

Traffic Sync allows a seamless integration of traffic information into Efficio. The two systems sync data throughout the day, making the operation much more efficient.” Customers wanting to take advantage of Traffic sync need only to contact their Efficio sales representatives.

CRM Features

These are just some of the CRM features we have to offer.

  • Strategic Account Management
  • Advanced Pending/Forecasting
  • Account Goal Planning
  • Budgets and Reforecasting
  • Reporting Intelligence
  • Outlook and Google Integration
  • Current AE List Billing
  • eMarketing
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Miller Kaplan Zero Share Reports

  • Extended Traffic System
  • Contact Management
  • Budget Management
  • Projections
  • Forecasting
  • Activity Tracking
  • Mobile Solution
  • Report Cards
  • Account Request System
  • Avail Notifier

  • Avail Tracking
  • Miller Kaplan X-Ray Integration
  • Email Marketing System
  • Google Apps Integration
  • National Pending
  • Cloud Based CRM
  • Efficio Yield Integration
  • Efficio Corporate Rollup Integration
  • Email Notifications
  • Easy to use Help System


Integrations that make your Efficio even stronger and work with the tools you already use.

More than just CRM

While we do lump most of what we do into CRM, Efficio does offer more products that seamless integrate into one sales management solution to help you get even more out of your media sales organization. Learn more here.

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