Read “Media Sales Managers: Should You be a Master or Servant?”

Do you deserve a medal for helping your team?

Do you deserve a medal for helping your team?
Alexander Freiherr von Krobatin, Austria, c.1914. Bain, publisher. Library of Congress.

When identifying our top leaders, we often think of generals and coaches in sports. But in today’s world, traditional authoritarian “leadership” characteristics don’t seem to get the desired results in media sales. In fact, those more traditional characteristics in managers often lead to turnover!

Read this article by former Radio Ink Sales Manager of the Year Kitty Malone and learn:

  • Whether or not you, as the manager of a media sales team, should be a master or a servant
  • How to nurture professional growth among the members of your team
  • How to reduce turnover, make your annual revenue goals, see annual growth, and increase employee satisfaction

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