Efficio 5.9

Paving the way for the future

This version of Efficio is our best yet. By strengthening the core features of our CRM, we are paving the way for what is just around the corner. Integrations with WideOrbit’s API, Katz, Telerep and ShareBuilders, this version makes even more of your data available where you need it most. And we are just getting started.
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Recent features you may have missed

Activity Sync

Activity Sync allows you to quickly sync Activities between your Efficio Calendar and your External Calendar. Yet another technology breakthrough developed by Efficio, Activity Sync creates substantial efficiencies for our customers. Pick and choose which activities you want to sync from your smartphone, tablet, Mac or PC with ease.


Manage your sales team with Efficio CRM. Paperless production management with vCreative. We Work Together! Listen to production files without leaving the CRM.

National Pending

Import your National pending data from Katz & Telerep directly into Efficio. This functionality will eliminate the need for National Sales Managers to duplicate their pending in more than one system.

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New Integration Options

All your data in one place.

WO Integration

WideOrbit API + Yield

Integrate WideOrbit with Efficio Traffic sync to automatically keep your data up to date throughout the day. Work with more up to date and accurate data without manual uploads.
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The first of many integrations to come, brings your pacing data from Efficio into ShareBuilders. This valuable data will provide even richer data to ShareBuilders analysts and consultants.

Google Places Integration

Search for Business Names & Auto Complete Addresses

Every address field in Efficio has the power of Google built in. Start typing an address or even a business name and Google will autocomplete and update addresses.

Requesting Accounts

Has Never Been Easier

Designed to Be Simple.

We listen to our users, and they wanted an easier way to request accounts in Efficio. This latest version simplifies the account request process. This new process reduces the amount of duplicate accounts being entered. Need an address? Type in the account name and our Google Places integration will suggest and prefill the address.

Request Accounts, Wherever You Are.

Not every new account starts in the office. Our users wanted to be able to complete the entire request account process from anywhere they are. Request an account from your iPhone, Android or Tablet anywhere they may be.

Save Account Documents

In Efficio, Available From Anywhere

A safe place for all your files, Efficio is announcing Account File storage.
Store up 5Gb of files in Efficio linked to your Accounts for free. Since Efficio CRM is cloud based, you can see your account files from anywhere.

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We Are Just Getting Started

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Just Down The Road

TAPSCAN Integration

Yield Management and AE productivity is going to the next level. Features like automated proposal grading and real-time client demand monitoring will help managers make better pricing decisions. AEs can stay on track viewing rate card in TapScan and save time with auto-created pending in Efficio. This is only the beginning.

Easier Pending

We are hard at work making pending smarter and easier to use. Auto closing pending, easier updating and a more streamlined interface are just a few things to look forward to.

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