21 04, 2017

Separation – More Than the Box that the Copy Paper Came In

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In media sales, things don’t always work out. Not every job is the best match to a person’s talents. So sometimes, parting ways is best. Whether it be initiated by the employee (there is a better opportunity across the street or across the country), or by the station (“Sometimes these conversations can be difficult…”), once [...]

22 11, 2013

Just. Let. Go.

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If you're a media sales manager, learn how to successfully delegate so your desk won't look like this!Allan Roth, 1954. Photo by Wm. C. Greene. Library of Congress. Earlier this week I made micromanagers throughout the media sales universe uncomfortable by highlighting some behaviors that cause them to be labeled as such. They [...]

29 10, 2013

One Day Can Make a Difference — How to Have a Great One-Day Sale

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Make your one-day sale fun by planning a theme!Ground crew at Royal Naval Air Station Greenock, c.1945. The National Archives UK. Ready or not, by now you are looking ahead into First Quarter 2014. You spent all of 2013 building, building, building, and with Thanksgiving so late, December is starting to come in. [...]