media sales budgets

Keep your eye on all the budgets for which you are responsible.
Couple working out a budget, c.1940. Harris & Ewing, photographer.
Repository: Library of Congress.

On the Fourth Day of Christmas:

You may have four (or more!) budgets to hit, so be sure you are paying attention to all of them. You probably have an overall total budget, but often in media sales you have secondary sub-budgets feeding into that number.

You might have digital or interactive, NTR, new business or sports. You may have only a couple of budget categories, but on more than one station. Don’t be that AE or GSM who waves off missing one of these categories by saying, “Yeah, but I hit my overall number, so I’m good.”

The big guys at corporate are counting on you to maximize each station, product, and budget category. Your customers also want you to get them reach, frequency, and diversity, all of which may be accomplished by using another station, your website or an event for more exposure. Use your CRM to keep track of your goals and focus your efforts on hitting them.

Next time, for the Fifth Day of Christmas, promise yourself that you will make five new business calls each week.

By Kitty Malone, Efficio Solutions Manager of Client Services

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