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Taylor had developed tech talents at a young age. It didn’t take long for him to apply those skills to real world concepts. By the time he was a freshman in high school, Taylor had founded and begun his own Web Hosting & Design company.

Taylor continued to apply what he knew at the collegiate level, attending Western Michigan. Directly after graduation, he was pursued by many design and development companies. Taylor eventually took a data security position at a Fortune 500 company.

As print media was transitioning into the digital realm, Taylor got on board and became one of the original partners of a well known digital marketing company. By ensuring next-level tech was being applied and actually proven with numbers, Taylor helped grow the company into a dominant force in the international marketing arena.

Taylor believes foresight to be the key to staying competitive: “I’m always pushing technology beyond today, to help businesses plan for what’s inevitably going to come next.”

A great product manager helps keep Efficio organized, efficient and feature rich. He is the forefront of new features to Efficio products and makes current products even easier to use. That’s Taylor to a T. When not looking for the next IT solution, Taylor enjoys his constant quest to find the perfect bourbon, as well as traveling and kayaking.