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David Everhart is Efficio’s development manager, reporting to Matt Longhouse.

David is part of the development effort at Efficio, and is involved at all levels of the technical aspects of Efficio. David is a fifteen-year veteran of the information technology field, and joined Efficio in 2002 part time. In 2006, David went full time with Efficio and has helped shape the technology that Efficio uses.

Prior to going full time with Efficio, David was a software consultant to such companies as Ross Labs (Abbot), Grange Insurance, Averi Brown Boveri (ABB), Bisys, and various smaller companies.

In the role of consultant, David has held multiple roles, such as software developer, tech lead, architect, data modeler, and database administrator/developer. David has worked with many technologies during this time, from companies such as Microsoft, SAP, and Oracle.

David earned a BS degree in Computer Operations and Management from Eastern Illinois University in 1999. David then earned his MSCIS in Computer Information Systems from University of Phoenix in 2009. David also holds 13 certifications from Microsoft, including MCSD and MCSD.NET.