Tracking proposals just got easier

AE’s will love this integration with Nielsen Tapscan because it saves them time.  Managers will appreciate the increased accuracy of pending and the proposal grading features that lead to improved forecasting and better pricing.

Informed inventory management

AE’s can use Efficio to see where a given proposal may encounter high/low inventory demand. For a specific proposal, Nielsen Tapscan displays real-time Efficio data, such as inventory sold to date and average rates, for each proposed daypart. This allows the AE’s to determine whether a proposal is likely to be accepted by a manager.

Proposed inventory demand allows managers to make better informed inventory management decisions. Pending proposals are aggregated together to see their potential impact on inventory. Managers can now say yes or no to a proposal with better insight of the bigger inventory picture.

Time-saving connectivity

Account information is synced between Nielsen Tapscan and Efficio. No more double entry means more productivity for AE’s.
TAPSCAN’s proposal values are displayed in Efficio, automating key proposal information and providing higher quality pending estimates.

Visibility for rate card compliance

Efficio’s rates are populated in TAPSCAN for AE’s to use in proposals. Managers receive alerts if proposed rates fall above or below rate card and can make an informed decision about whether to accept or reject a proposal. Expired rate alerts ensure rates are up to date.


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Improve sales team focus

Efficio offers robust, strategic account management tools to help prioritize and create focus.  Reps can only handle so many accounts effectively. We also support and well-educated on CSS and Creative Resources sales strategies.


Accessible anytime, anywhere.

This is not a desktop application retrofitted to be accessible over the internet; Efficio is a true web application. Efficio is accessible through all major web browsers on any device.


Better inventory tracking than traffic

Sure, you can get inventory data from the traffic system, but those reports are technical, designed for Traffic Managers, and typically it takes several reports to get what you need Efficio simplifies your data, providing a quick, easy-to-read summary of your inventory combined with rates.

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