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The account list was outdated and pages long, sitting on a file cabinet. Billing came once a week from the traffic department. Same with receivables. This is the technology age! Why can’t all of these things be in one place, easily accessible to salespeople and managers? This was the query from long time TV and radio sales veteran and visionary, David Einstein, who sought out technology entrepreneur Matt Longhouse, to develop a system designed for the specialized and constantly changing media sales world.  David and Matt began working with media outlets in 1999, bringing all the data needed to manage accounts and account executives to maximize time and revenue. Their vision from the start was to listen to their customers and constantly adapt the product to the changing environment and evolving needs. Their mission also includes staffing the customer service center with media sales professionals, to ensure that clients can benefit from a consultative approach.  If you are talking to Efficio, you are most likely talking to someone who has been in a media management position. We have been in your seats and know the goals, frustrations, wins and people you deal with every day. Our media-focused system is designed to bring the information and intelligence you want to the surface, while giving you easy and intuitive access to the analytics you need.

Why Efficio Solutions?

Efficio Solutions is a direct product of our own frustrations working in and with media sales organizations. We set forth to create new efficiencies by helping the media industry harvest the benefits of technology so sellers could spend less time completing paperwork and more time doing what they are supposed to be doing – selling. The result is Efficio, a centralized media sales management system designed to help create the efficiencies we longed for. With our media sales and technology experience, the Efficio team is well diversified and committed to offer a state of the art, cost-effective solution for your organization.

Our Team

David Einstein

Co-President, Sales and Marketing

Matt Longhouse

Co-President, Information Technology

Chris Crawford

Sales Manager

Kitty Malone

Customer Success Manager

Heather McCormick

Launch Manager

David Everhart

Development Manager

Taylor Snow

Product Manager

Join Our Great Team!

Efficio provides an exciting and diverse working environment and is continually searching for “best in class” talent to join our team. We accept resumes for the open positions listed below as well as for future positions that may become available.

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