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Efficio’s Media Sales Management System provides complete integration of CRM, Account Management, Contact Management and Yield Management systems. Of course you can buy them separately, but our integrated radio and television automation software provides your media sales organization with exponential added value for your traffic software, substantial improvement in efficiencies and visibility, and a tremendous competitive advantage. One system provides your entire media sales organization with immediate and strategic access to all of the media sales information that makes your business tick.

  • Efficio Solutions provides a host of cloud-based products specifically designed for the media sales industry that can be used as stand-alone or fully integrated components of the most powerful, flexible and comprehensive media sales management solution available in the industry today. Efficio’s flexible system services both radio and television stations and can be altered and scaled to meet the needs of the largest to the smallest stations operating today.
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  • Efficio™ products include a robust media sales CRM and account management system, integrated with financial and aging data from your traffic system that can be automatically updated numerous times each day. This system is also integrated with Microsoft Office products (Outlook, excel, etc.) and can sync activities, calendar items and email with any platform including PC, Apple, mobile devices, tablets, etc.
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  • Yield Management
    Efficio’s™ Yield Management solution provides some of the most advanced inventory and rate maximization capabilities in the industry. Integrated with the major traffic systems, this product is offered as a stand-alone or integrated solution with Efficio’s CRM and Account Management system. Managers and corporate level executives can now seamlessly and easily monitor and manage inventory, over and under sell, AMR, pacing to sellout, dynamic rate cards and a host of other metrics in a centralized, cloud-based environment. Alerts keep everyone focused on the need for rate adjustments or strategy alterations so proactive decisions can be made helping to ensure budgets are achieved.
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  • Corporate Rollup
    Efficio’s™ Corporate Rollup solution provides summary and detail level access to the financials and activity of the entire company with the capability of drilling down to the most minute level of any market, station, seller or client. Billing, activity, forecasting, budgets and pacing is intuitively summarized providing quick access to successes and deficits occurring throughout the company. Now corporate management has an informed and complete picture of the company without waiting for multiple layers of administrative data and activity consolidation.
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Created by Media People

Efficio provides the leading media sales CRM and management software that is being used by over 720 radio stations, television stations and interactive media sales organizations in over 35 states and 3 countries! Our staff consists of very experienced media sales managers who have logged years of experience in the radio sales and television sales business. They are immensely qualified to help train, coach and consult our broadcast sales clients as well as help to develop the most effective media sales CRM and management software in the industry today.

Spend More Time Selling

Stop wasting time pulling reports, submitting pending and budgets, and managing your account team! Spend more time SELLING! Your media sales organization can time and improve the power of your traffic software by integrating Efficio’s media sales solution into your radio sales and television sales efforts. All of our products sync together and provide visibility throughout your broadcast sales enterprise. Now you can spend time making critical and strategic decisions instead of collecting and re-assembling data throughout your media sales company.

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Answering the needs of salespeople and sales managers in today’s fast paced and ever changing world of the media sales industry.
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